Afton Hills Farm - Thoreson Sheep Farm

“Production Oriented, Quality Assured”

With over 40 years of sheep industry experience, including polypays, hampshires, suffolks and rambouillets, our genetics meet the needs of all commercial or purebred sheep producers. Located in Zumbrota, Minnesota, we welcome you to come to visit us to view our stock.

We are confident our genetics will assist you in the following areas:

  • Improve muscle capacity;
  • Raise hardy and vigorous lambs;
  • Amplify feed conversion factors;
  • Enhance production (milk and multiple births);
  • Increase fertility;
  • Strengthen mothering abilities; or
  • Introduce Scrapie resistance factors.

While many of our rams are sold to the commercial producer, we also market our genetics through regional and national shows in Iowa, Illinois, South Dakota, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin. Our past show and sale results have been remarkable.

We strive to keep our flock productive. Through extensive flushing programs, we monitor our stud ewe flock closely to ensure that most lamb three times within a two-year period. During the off-seasons, use of artificial implants assist in stimulating ovulation and fertilization. When possible, artificial insemination is also introduced to enhance genetics.